Functional Bodybuilding

CrossFit Elkhart – CrossFit Group

Pre-Class Warm-up

Bike or Row Intervals:

3 mins on/1 min off x2-3 rounds

1 min low speed

1 min moderate speed

1 min High speed


10 min amrap for quality:

10 KB Shrugs

3 close+3 normal+3 wide Push ups

5 Medball Hamstring Curls

10 Back Extensions on the ground


30 mins to complete:

Incline DB Bench Press

Barbell Deadlift

Half Kneeling DB Tricep Extension

Pendlay Row w 1s pause at top/bottom of rep

rest throughly between movements



10 Min MAX Cal Row


10 Min Max Cal Bike

Incline DB Bench Press (

Log weights in comments

Deadlift (

log weights in comments

Pendlay Row (

Torso parallel with the ground, Bar is resting on the ground each rep. Without any added momentum, drive the bar from the ground to middle of stomach.

If you load bar too much, torso will rise to create false momentum result in cheating to rep.
log weights in comments

Metcon (Calories)